Bookings and Reservations

If you’re interested in Booking a Hadagutful Expedition, please send a Booking Enquiry from our website. Following this we will schedule a phone chat within 72 hours, to understand specific questions you may have. Hadagutful will also get a feel for your experience and expectations, likewise you with us. Following a phone engagement our Booking confirmation can be provided in writing.

A deposit &/or payment will be required. Following your deposit payment Hadagutful will discuss the expedition details with each of our guests to ensure we understand expectations and previous experiences, to ensure guests will get maximum enjoyment from the adventure experience.

Our pricing allows for a ‘single’ exclusive traveler to enjoy the expedition one-to-one. We do not simply sell seats, so you won’t be “stuck in the truck” with random people. Our trips cater for the i) solo traveler, ii) a couple or partners, and iii) two or three friends seeking adventure. Fathers and sons, corporate colleagues, any configuration up to three people that forms a ‘block booking’ can be accepted.

Deposit and Expedition Payments

We will send a request for payment via Invoice. Our preferred method of payment is by EFT. Alternatively, payments can be made via Visa or MasterCard. Note: a 1.75% surcharge applies for Credit Card transactions.

To confirm your Booking a deposit payment of 20% is required at the time of booking via Direct Debit or Credit Card.

Deposits are refundable up to 120 days prior to Departure. Cancellations 120 days – 90 days prior to Departure will incur 75% loss of the Deposit payment.

Payment in Full is required 90 days prior to Departure. Bookings 90 days prior to Departure will be required to be paid in FULL.

Cancellation up to 120 days of Departure refunded 100% of Deposit.
Cancellation between 120 days – 90 days of departure 50% of Deposit.
Cancellation between 90 days – 60 days of departure 75% of Fare.
Cancellations inside 60 days to departure will result in 100% Fare i.e. No refund will be available.
Travel Insurance is strongly advised at the time of Booking.
Cancellations must be received in writing via email addressed to

Payment can be made using a Visa Card or MasterCard. A small transaction fee of 1.75% is charged for all Credit Card payments.


The ‘rig’ a custom-built 4WD truck with camper trailer. Both are extremely well built and appointed with creature comforts, and allow us to be off-grid and self-sufficient.
The truck is fully air-conditioned, sound proofed and seats 4 people on Stratos suspension seats for maximum comfort. Fuel capacity 280 litres; Water Capacity 335lts; 4 x 160 Watt Solar Panels charging a 400ah Lithium Battery. Onboard features include a diesel cooktop, hot water and heater. Fridge, freezer and pantry storage for all the food and beverages.
The Sierra Campertrailer has its own kitchen, with 80 litre fridge, gas cooktop and slide out BBQ. It carries 200 litres of water and has its own battery supply.
The combination of all these features allows us to be off-grid and self-sufficient and with Four Wheel Drive capability we get to some place’s others are unable to reach.

It depends what’s on the menu but essentially both the truck and trailer have their own fully equipped kitchens. Cooking is either done on the BBQ, the gas cooktops or over an open fire when possible.

It depends on the group configuration. The truck is the Guide’s accommodation and the campertrailer has a double bed. We also carry two swags. If it’s three blokes travelling together, then you guys decide who sleeps where. If it’s a couple, then the campertrailer is perfect. All bedding is supplied.

The truck does have an onboard toilet, but we minimise its use for emergencies and manage our ablutions in other ways. If there’s a public amenity nearby, then that is the preferred option. Otherwise there’s a shovel and we do it the bush way!

We’ve pretty much got most things that you require to get through the day. Kitchens for cooking; fridges for storage; awnings for shade; chairs and tables etc.

When fully-loaded we have 500+ litres of water onboard, however we treat water like gold and only use it sparingly. Water is replenished where possible along the journey.

Yes, but there’s a few ways we do this given that showers use a huge amount of water. If it’s using onboard water supply, then showers consist of a ‘birdbath’ type wash – wet up / soap up / wash off. If in a National Park camp ground then coin operated showers are often available. Be prepared to go a few days without a shower, remembering it’s all part of the adventure.

Washing of hair depends where we are. If remote, there’s no better way than warming some water and using a bucket. If in a campground with facilities, go your hardest in the shower block. Hair dryers use quite a bit of battery storage, so washing and drying is best done in the mornings, allowing the batteries to recharge throughout the day. (Hair dryer and even straightener is available – don’t bring one as it may not be compatible and just takes up space in your bag). Be prepared to look a little ruffled for a few days, as it’s all part of the outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Expedition Engagement

There’s an expectation that “we’re all in this together” and if you contribute, you’ll get so much more out of the adventure.
For example: if we get bogged in sand or mud, we all get on the end of a shovel and dig ourselves out. If we’re crossing a river, you may need to jump out and be on the UHF Radio to guide wheel placements. If you want to help in the kitchen, then no-one will stop you. There’s no dishwasher! – so each night we need to wash-up the old-fashioned way – and whilst there’s no roster, everyone gets to do it. Nothing better than having a campfire when permitted – so we need to collect firewood – and someone needs to light the fire.

Packing and Personal equipment

Please bring a soft travel bag only as storage space is limited – maximum 15kgs. All personal items are your responsibility. You will receive a comprehensive list of suggested items following your Booking Confirmation. Typically, we wear shorts, T-shirts and thongs. Best to bring a jumper and something for the legs at night, as well as a good sturdy pair of walking shoes. Obviously, your personal items and toiletries, hat and a beach towel. Bring your own water bottle and a small day pack. Swimwear and appropriate footwear is essential. We could go to the pub one night so a smart top and bottom will make you feel good. Otherwise it’s very casual.

We’ll stop in a town and there’ll be an opportunity to do some laundry. You can always wash out your smalls and dry them on the way. Wear the same shirt two days in a row, we don’t care as long as you don’t.

Hadagutful have rods and reels. However, as some people like using their own gear, especially serious sports fishers’, please feel free to discuss prior to departure.

Yes most definitely. The Hadagutful truck has a ladder rack on the roof to take watersports equipment. Make sure it’s got a protection bag, and remember all personal items are your responsibility during the trip.


The pre-trip planning is arranged by Hadagutful. All you need to do is turn up at your designated pick-up point with your adventure clothes & personal items. There is an itinerary to ‘guide’ us but not ‘control’ us. All catering and provisions will be arranged prior to Departure so when you’re picked up its away-we-go.

There’s a plan for daily meals which is built around our provisions and produce availability. All eating preferences and allergies will be discussed and considered prior to your booking. We always will try our best. Typically, we eat fresh first and then consider other meal options. Food supplies will be topped up en-route. However, the menu for the day might start out with a certain plan……but we catch fish or end up at the pub!

The Guide will do the majority of cooking, but it can be shared around, particularly if someone is passionate about being in the kitchen. Meals are simple yet wholesome. Some meals are pre-cooked ….perfect when getting into camp late.

This is trip dependent on the configuration of the passengers. For more popular destinations campground bookings are essential. Pre-Booked camp sites make the trip less flexible, and we like to try to be spontaneous. We like to free-camp wherever possible and this is much easier when remote. Sometimes you’ll be on a cliff edge with not a soul in sight, other times we’ll slip into a country town Showground if just for the night – a great opportunity for a long hot shower.

Fuel is very accessible. For the more remote trips we do factor in our fuel range around where diesel can be sourced, but with a range of 1400kms it’s generally not an issue.

We carry fully equipped First Aid Kits in both truck and trailer and the Guide is trained in ‘basic’ First Aid. In the event of a serious medical incident we have a Satellite Phone onboard along with an Emergency Locating Device. All Guests must carry comprehensive travel insurance which includes medical evacuations for Australia. If you are unfit or have pre-existing medical conditions, please discuss this with Hadagutful prior to Booking this adventure.

Staying in Communication

We find Telstra offers the best coverage around Australia. Mobile reception is reliable in most towns, and there will be many opportunities to get in touch ‘back-home’. You may need to manage being unavailable where possible. Always remembering an opportunity to ‘digitally detox’ is enormously positive.

If you have mobile reception you will be contactable. If there’s an urgent need to be in contact and you don’t have mobile reception, we have a Satellite phone that can be used in emergencies only.


Depends on the location of course, but our trips are planned around the weather being optimal. If it’s raining, we’ll make alternate plans. If it’s windy we’ll re-locate to another location, where possible.

There will be different weather along the way, we just tackle different scenario’s when they strike. If the forecast is absolutely terrible we can go to the pub.

If we know about emergency weather conditions prior to departing, we will re-assess if the trip is safe to continue. If it builds en-route we will heed the advice of the authorities and make alternate plans. Note: Your personal Comprehensive Travel Insurance needs to provide cover for disruptions to your planned travel, prior or during the dates of travel.