The pre-trip planning is arranged by Hadagutful. All you need to do is turn up at your designated pick-up point with your adventure clothes & personal items. There is an itinerary to ‘guide’ us but not ‘control’ us. All catering and provisions will be arranged prior to Departure so when you’re picked up its away-we-go.

There’s a plan for daily meals which is built around our provisions and produce availability. All eating preferences and allergies will be discussed and considered prior to your booking. We always will try our best. Typically, we eat fresh first and then consider other meal options. Food supplies will be topped up en-route. However, the menu for the day might start out with a certain plan……but we catch fish or end up at the pub!

The Guide will do the majority of cooking, but it can be shared around, particularly if someone is passionate about being in the kitchen. Meals are simple yet wholesome. Some meals are pre-cooked ….perfect when getting into camp late.

This is trip dependent on the configuration of the passengers. For more popular destinations campground bookings are essential. Pre-Booked camp sites make the trip less flexible, and we like to try to be spontaneous. We like to free-camp wherever possible and this is much easier when remote. Sometimes you’ll be on a cliff edge with not a soul in sight, other times we’ll slip into a country town Showground if just for the night – a great opportunity for a long hot shower.

Fuel is very accessible. For the more remote trips we do factor in our fuel range around where diesel can be sourced, but with a range of 1400kms it’s generally not an issue.

We carry fully equipped First Aid Kits in both truck and trailer and the Guide is trained in ‘basic’ First Aid. In the event of a serious medical incident we have a Satellite Phone onboard along with an Emergency Locating Device. All Guests must carry comprehensive travel insurance which includes medical evacuations for Australia. If you are unfit or have pre-existing medical conditions, please discuss this with Hadagutful prior to Booking this adventure.