Packing and Personal equipment

Please bring a soft travel bag only as storage space is limited – maximum 15kgs. All personal items are your responsibility. You will receive a comprehensive list of suggested items following your Booking Confirmation. Typically, we wear shorts, T-shirts and thongs. Best to bring a jumper and something for the legs at night, as well as a good sturdy pair of walking shoes. Obviously, your personal items and toiletries, hat and a beach towel. Bring your own water bottle and a small day pack. Swimwear and appropriate footwear is essential. We could go to the pub one night so a smart top and bottom will make you feel good. Otherwise it’s very casual.

We’ll stop in a town and there’ll be an opportunity to do some laundry. You can always wash out your smalls and dry them on the way. Wear the same shirt two days in a row, we don’t care as long as you don’t.

Hadagutful have rods and reels. However, as some people like using their own gear, especially serious sports fishers’, please feel free to discuss prior to departure.

Yes most definitely. The Hadagutful truck has a ladder rack on the roof to take watersports equipment. Make sure it’s got a protection bag, and remember all personal items are your responsibility during the trip.