Bookings and Reservations

If you’re interested in Booking a Hadagutful Expedition, please send a Booking Enquiry from our website. Following this we will schedule a phone chat within 72 hours, to understand specific questions you may have. Hadagutful will also get a feel for your experience and expectations, likewise you with us. Following a phone engagement our Booking confirmation can be provided in writing.

A deposit &/or payment will be required. Following your deposit payment Hadagutful will discuss the expedition details with each of our guests to ensure we understand expectations and previous experiences, to ensure guests will get maximum enjoyment from the adventure experience.

Our pricing allows for a ‘single’ exclusive traveler to enjoy the expedition one-to-one. We do not simply sell seats, so you won’t be “stuck in the truck” with random people. Our trips cater for the i) solo traveler, ii) a couple or partners, and iii) two or three friends seeking adventure. Fathers and sons, corporate colleagues, any configuration up to three people that forms a ‘block booking’ can be accepted.